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Christie Clayton

Contemporary and paranormal romance author



Sebastian and Emily's story will stay with me.


What a wild ride!


A dark and intriguing hero and a feisty, independent heroine. 




March 2022

Bond Bitten set for August release


The first book of The Bonded Vampire Chronicles by Christie Clayton is due for release in August 2022. Bond Bitten is a high stakes paranormal romance in which a charming vampire battles the catastrophic consequences of bonding to a human woman. Together they face a deadly group of vampire hunters who have weaponized vampire-human bonds to weaken their immortal foes and harvest their blood for its healing properties.

September 2021

Publisher acquires Bond Bitten 


Mystic Owl, an imprint of US based City Owl Press, has acquired Christie Clayton's debut novel, Bond Bitten. In this paranormal romance, a 250-year-old vampire succumbs to a dangerous mate-bond with a human woman. He has to uncover the cause of their volatile vampire-human bond before it's too late and she must decide whether she can accept the eternal ties that come with her consuming vampire love affair.



Christie Clayton is a fresh new romance author from the UK. She loves to write haunting love stories with strong protagonists and gripping plots. When she isn't writing, she enjoys walking, reading, gardening and daydreaming. Christie likes to travel and she uses places she has visited as settings in her books. Bond Bitten is Christie's debut novel.

Bond Bitten is the first book of the Bonded Vampire Chronicles, a contemporary paranormal romance series in which vampires, hunters and humans must fight for true love or face catastrophic consequences. Set in North America and the South of France, Bond Bitten follows the volatile relationship between vampire, Sebastian Blake and human, Emily Heart.



Christie loves to hear from readers, writers and publishing professionals.

You can contact her on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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